Trends on T-shirts that are printed pictures of games. (Review)

If you think only women have the right to be dressed, you are wrong. Men can now become stylish and fashionable. For years, trendy fashion houses such as Versac, Channel, etc have also noticed the style for the gentlemen. This year 2018 we welcome the following trends.

Men's fashion trends such as long-sleeved stripes, wide pants, cuban neckwear, retro sports, t-shirt prints ... will not stop just a year or two, but they tend to be durable.

1. Game printing shirt trend:

T-shirts on demand so far this is no stranger to you, from the classic game print (8bit game) to the 3D game jacket. When you like a game, putting on a game shirt with your favorite character is a great thing. Today, it is not hard to see young people with unique prints of the game. Besides this is showing your favorites, it also brings a very new fresh air to yourself.

I myself have put on a shirt printed in an old man in a wheelchair. Oh, that's a very well-known Happy Wheels game for the purpose of training your reflexes and driving skills. If you love Happy Wheels like me, look for such a wonderful shirt.


Reference: Read this article to learn how to play Unblocked Happy Wheels<= Click Here.


2. Vertical stripes trend: 

Long-striped outfits will help you look taller than the real thing. Guys do not have to spend a lot of time when they choose to go out, go to school, or go to work.  If you are a modest height, the long stripes will make your legs longer, combined with a shirt or a plain color shirt that will balance the overall.

In contrast, the sick should not choose this trend because they only make you thinner. But if you are in love this trend, the stripes, light and bright will fullfill your fitness deficiencies.

3.    Athleisure trend: 

 The simplest way to understand this trend is that you can wear them for exercise, and you can use them for other everyday needs without worrying about your lack of interest.  This trend is inspired by athletes' exercise gear, bikers, and more.

The main material used is elastic fabric, elastic fabric should sandal or western shoes will fit, contributing to the new outfit. Adding a layout jacket is also a good idea for men with thin bodies.

4. Down and width leg trend:

Although this is a fashion trend that is classic, they are still the most popular and will continue to be hot in the future. This kind of pants is comfortable to everyone. They will be the "savior" of the boys with legs around. You should remember that with modest height the length of the pants is on the ankle up.

5. Printing T-shirt trend:

Over the years, this year's T-shirt designs have been revamped with distinctive slogans, some of which have extra prints been inspired by the films of the 1990s. T-shirt designs are suitable for most trousers such as trousers, shorts, jeans or patterned trousers.

So what you need to remember here is the choice of colors and how to mix & match.

6. Printing T-shirt trend:

Sport has always been a source of inspiration for big fashion trends. It is because it is strong, dynamic and healthy for people wear this. And this tendency is expected to be hot for very long time.

If you are thin, you should combine several layers of clothing such as a shirt with light pants.

7. Collar cuban shirt trend:

This is a popular Hawaiian shirt and is fashioned by fashion designers. The highlight on these shirts is the color blended in harmony with the flowers. The colors are pretty much the same color in black and white with the same pattern repeating many times. Contrast usually makes things interesting when you combine red-black colors with each other.

If you want to break the way, you try to use green on velvet fabric.