Fake News Shirt

Throughout the 2016 Election, a series of fake news has taken over TV in order to bash and doubt Donald Trump. And all started from the prestigious and famous propaganda, typically CNN, ABC News, The New York Times, etc. During this time, CNN pulled the hood over the world’s eyes by giving fakes new to the public through their “Fact First” campaign. This created a massive protest in the US.

Some decided to boycott the propaganda, particularly CNN through buying T-shirts with a big message of “CNN FAKE NEWS.”

What does the T-shirt look?

When searching the phrase “fake news shirt” on any search engine, you are able to receive thousands of results from different selling pages. Truly, all have the same design with the CNN logo on the front together with a caption “FAKE NEWS” or “IS FAKE NEWS” right underneath. 

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Does anything happen when wearing this T-shirt?

Buying and wearing the T-shirt with the caption “CNN FAKE NEWS” or other message is as usual as putting on any shirts. However, there is some interesting news related to this T-shirt, especially when you’re wearing it outside and near the CNN’s headquarters.

1st story

Although the election was completed in 2016, some are still interested in purchasing this T-shirt. A man was kicked out of the CNN headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia in January 2018 since he was wearing the “CNN is FAKE NEWS” shirt.

Read here if you want to know clearly.


2nd story

When the man from the first story was only refused to enter the building, a 7th grader in this story was punished by his school for wearing the “FAKE NEWS NETWORK” T-shirt to the cable outlet’s headquarters in the last November 2017. This incident was indeed a big scandal.

A boy named Jaxon wore a shirt imitating the CNN logo as “FNN” and the message “FAKE NEWS NETWORK” on his school trip to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters. He was forced to take off the shirt before the trip. And this made his parents unhappy because they thought that the school broke the First Amendment.

Although the school has apologized them later, they want another apology for his son. As they said, their son has the right to free speech.

Examples of fake news from the propaganda

From both typical stories, I bet that some might wonder what happened during the election and even after this time. Down here and find some examples!

  • CNN reported that Donald Trump and his son Donald J. Trump had hacked documents from WikiLeaks when running for the post of the American president. However, this information is a lie.
  • TIME tweeted that President Trump transferred a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office. Later, this tweet was quickly corrected due to wrong information.
  • ABC News choked and sent markets into a downward spiral with an untrue report that President Trump instructed the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials after the election. Of course, it was false news, and ABC News had to correct and suspended the reporter for the “serious mistake.”
  • The New York Times reported that on the day of President Trump’s victory, the economy of the US would never recover.
  • And so on.

So, what does President Trump react the above news? He simply tweeted his Tweeter with short yet meaningful content.


He said that when he was in the Philippines, he was forced to watch CNN, though he refused to watch it for months. Later, he stated that this propaganda only reported fake news again. In addition, he tweeted the winner of FAKE NEWS like The New York Times, CNN, ABC News, etc. via the GOP’s national website.


Final words

When the fake news was exposed, lots of people decided to buy and wear the shirt with this unique caption since they want to oppose the propaganda.

If you’re interested in the T-shirt or hoodie with the caption “CNN FAKE NEWS” or any message on shirt, just search for the phrase “fake news shirt” and then visit a famous site like Amazon, Etsy or TeePublic to pick up the one you want and receive it within a few days.