Happy Wheels T-Shirt - An Item Every Happy Wheels Fan Needs In Their Life

If you are a super fan of Happy Wheels, one of the most popular flash game in the world, you cannot ignore the huge collection of Happy Wheels shirts. For people who haven’t heart or played this game yet, it’s truly sad as this is one of the greatest flash games of all time.

Even though you are not a big fan of video games, the idea of being able to switch off from work and spend your free time has pushed you to look for a nice free pastime. Your search was interrupted when you heard of Happy Wheels, an amazing game in which they dress up as unfortunate characters that most often end up completely disintegrated.

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Happy Wheels: an amazing flash game

Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics game, introduced by Jim Bonacci in 2010. This game has come a long way in becoming a huge online game platform with the combination of blood, guts, racing and sheer enjoyment of dismemberment. IGN and many other gaming review sites name Happy Wheels as one of the best games at the time.

In Happy Wheels, you need to reach the goal with the help of a variety of vehicles. You can choose one of eleven characters available and try to bring them to safety to complete the course while avoiding dangerous obstacles that could jeopardize its progress. Despite the serious injuries, the character will be able to continue on the condition that he never loses the grip of their means of transport which varies depending on the character selected. Once you start playing this game, you will be addicted to it for hours and become a super fan.

Happy Wheels Shirt

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When Happy Wheels is a part of your everyday life, it would really be ideal to live out the Happy Wheels lifestyle. There are a lot of Happy Wheels inspired products available for super fans to purchase.  But if you want to be the biggest Happy Wheels super fan ever, then Happy Wheels T-shirt is the kind of thing that you need to have in your life.

In fact, there are a lot of unique Happy Wheels inspired T-Shirts by different artists and designers from around the world. So it is very easy to you to purchase a high quality T-shirt by simply clicking on websites available on the Internet. Besides, some websites even offered services that you can use to print and design your own Happy Wheels T-shirt in many sizes and colors.

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Happy Wheels is very famous among families. It will look very cool if a father and son can wear the same t-shirt with an image of a son riding on father’s shoulders and the Happy Wheels logo under them. The shirt comes in one color, light blue, and different sizes from Small to x5 Extra Large, with the price of only 20 USD. There is no better way to buy Happy Wheels T-shirt as a great gift for your kids who are super fan of Happy Wheels.

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For more information if you are crazy fan of Happy Wheels and really want to have attractive T-shirts like this one, you can buy them at this web site: http://happywheels.wikia.com/wiki/Happy_Wheels_Shirts.

How to Make a Men's T-Shirt Feminine

Do you know that men’s T-shirts from your dad, your brother or your boyfriend’s closetsare a great source to help you find some new, cute clothes for the upcoming spring and summer? I bet you don’t because you might think that the men’s T-shirts are oversize with loose arms, a long hem, and even they don’t fit at your waist. However, if you’re ready to carry out some small crafting action, you can change it into a cute and lovable piece of women’s clothes.

So, how to make a men’s T-shirt feminine?

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One of the easiest ways is to let the T-shirt slip over your shoulder for showing off some skin. But, make sure this T-shirt is just big enough so that you’re still comfortable when putting it on. This makes other eyes focus on the asymmetrical shirt and your exposed shoulder, not about the baggy T-shirt in the first place.

Additionally, you are able to find out different ways when scouting around the Internet. Want to know more to renew your closet? Take a look below now!

Making a racerback tank top from the men’s T-shirt

Start with a T-shirt that your dad, brother or boyfriend doesn’t wear anymore. Spread it over a flat surface and take a very sharp scissors to cut the sleeves off first. You should begin from just under its armpits and cut straight up towards the shoulders.Then cut the bottom hem of the T-shirt off to get a big, fabric ring. Continue cutting the ring apart to receive a long, fabric strand that you will use to decorate later.

Next, turn the shirt over so that the back is opposite you. Start trimming the back of the armholes further until there are some inches of fabric between them. Make sure you perform slowly and carefully to avoid cutting the armholes on the front of the T-shirt. The best thing is to use a colorful chalk and draw on the back in order to cut the same amount from each side.

After that, you need to determine the back center of the neckline and carry out a deep V-shape. Take the strand and tie it around the V-shape. Remember to wrap as tightly as possible until reaching the bottom of the armholes. If the strand is long, you can wrap it back towards the top and tuck the end under the wound fabric. Or tie the two ends of the strand together for extra security.

From the bottom of the shirt, measure up a few inches and cut downwards towards the back. And when finishing, your T-shirt will be longer in the back and shorter in the front.

Making a muscle tank from the men’s T-shirt

Spread a baggy T-shirt over the flat surface and use the chalk to mark out 3 points on it.

  • 1 inch away from the collars seam.
  • 1 inch away from the shoulders seam.
  • 1 or 2 inches below the armpits seam (it depends on how low you want).

Take the scissors and start cutting from the mark at the armpit to the mark at the shoulder seam. Do the same thing for the remaining one. Continue cutting from the collar’s mark to the mark on the other side to create a new collar for the muscle tank.

For the bottom, you can keep its length or cut both the front and back sides simultaneously to preserve symmetry. Be free to cut as low as you like if you want to show off your thin and beautiful belly.

Making a dress from the men’s oversize T-shirt

It can be said that turning the men’s T-shirt into a cute dress is quite easy. What you just need is a baggy T-shirt from your brother or boyfriend.

And one of the simplest ways is to wear it and use a large belt to tighten at your waist. Or put the T-shirt on and make sure to leave all the whole shoulders. To the long sleeves, you can use it as the belt and fasten surrounding your waist. In case the sleeves are too short, you should seal them and use as pockets.


Or you can also consult other videos to know more such as




Generally speaking, it’s not hard to learn how to make a men’s T-shirt feminine? With lots of videos on the Internet today, you can easily find out some or simply review the above ones and copy to create some new clothes for yourself.

Instead of visiting stores to look for new clothing, transforming the men’s T-shirt is truly a nice idea that every girl should know. Remember to ask for permission from your men, spend a couple of minutes and then you will getawesome achievements.

Do it now if you’re clear or in case you want to know any information, leave your thoughts in the box below. We’re here to support you instantly.