Trends on T-shirts that are printed pictures of games. (Review)

If you think only women have the right to be dressed, you are wrong. Men can now become stylish and fashionable. For years, trendy fashion houses such as Versac, Channel, etc have also noticed the style for the gentlemen. This year 2018 we welcome the following trends.

Men's fashion trends such as long-sleeved stripes, wide pants, cuban neckwear, retro sports, t-shirt prints ... will not stop just a year or two, but they tend to be durable.

1. Game printing shirt trend:

T-shirts on demand so far this is no stranger to you, from the classic game print (8bit game) to the 3D game jacket. When you like a game, putting on a game shirt with your favorite character is a great thing. Today, it is not hard to see young people with unique prints of the game. Besides this is showing your favorites, it also brings a very new fresh air to yourself.

I myself have put on a shirt printed in an old man in a wheelchair. Oh, that's a very well-known Happy Wheels game for the purpose of training your reflexes and driving skills. If you love Happy Wheels like me, look for such a wonderful shirt.


Reference: Read this article to learn how to play Unblocked Happy Wheels<= Click Here.


2. Vertical stripes trend: 

Long-striped outfits will help you look taller than the real thing. Guys do not have to spend a lot of time when they choose to go out, go to school, or go to work.  If you are a modest height, the long stripes will make your legs longer, combined with a shirt or a plain color shirt that will balance the overall.

In contrast, the sick should not choose this trend because they only make you thinner. But if you are in love this trend, the stripes, light and bright will fullfill your fitness deficiencies.

3.    Athleisure trend: 

 The simplest way to understand this trend is that you can wear them for exercise, and you can use them for other everyday needs without worrying about your lack of interest.  This trend is inspired by athletes' exercise gear, bikers, and more.

The main material used is elastic fabric, elastic fabric should sandal or western shoes will fit, contributing to the new outfit. Adding a layout jacket is also a good idea for men with thin bodies.

4. Down and width leg trend:

Although this is a fashion trend that is classic, they are still the most popular and will continue to be hot in the future. This kind of pants is comfortable to everyone. They will be the "savior" of the boys with legs around. You should remember that with modest height the length of the pants is on the ankle up.

5. Printing T-shirt trend:

Over the years, this year's T-shirt designs have been revamped with distinctive slogans, some of which have extra prints been inspired by the films of the 1990s. T-shirt designs are suitable for most trousers such as trousers, shorts, jeans or patterned trousers.

So what you need to remember here is the choice of colors and how to mix & match.

6. Printing T-shirt trend:

Sport has always been a source of inspiration for big fashion trends. It is because it is strong, dynamic and healthy for people wear this. And this tendency is expected to be hot for very long time.

If you are thin, you should combine several layers of clothing such as a shirt with light pants.

7. Collar cuban shirt trend:

This is a popular Hawaiian shirt and is fashioned by fashion designers. The highlight on these shirts is the color blended in harmony with the flowers. The colors are pretty much the same color in black and white with the same pattern repeating many times. Contrast usually makes things interesting when you combine red-black colors with each other.

If you want to break the way, you try to use green on velvet fabric.



Useful Tips To Help You Succeed In The Business Of T-Shirts

T-shirts, the product is very popular and almost everyone has T-shirts in their wardrobe. T-shirts are very easy to wear and have a variety of designs and colors, so they are suitable for different ages and are popular with many people. Users always want to buy new, attractive T-shirts with different styles, colors and images. Therefore, starting a T-shirt business is a first step for beginners to online fashion business.

T-shirt business is to identify the narrower market of fashion business. You can narrow down the market, research and understand each product, each customer, their needs ... to make business more convenient. In this article I will give some tips to make your T-shirt business more effective.

How i started my t-shirt búiness


When doing anything we also need to have passion because passion is indispensable in our lives and our work. Passion helps us to finish our work excellently and on schedule, giving us motivation to work. When difficulties are piled up, the challenge of your work is also the passion that helps you to be able to break through and continue your work. Business T-shirt too, you will also have difficulties in the beginning as well as when the market changes, without passion you will not be able to overcome and continue business.


2.Research and Plan

Market research and planning is an important, indispensable step in trading any kind of commodity. Research the market to see which T-shirts are the most popular, what target groups should be targeted, what are the competitors doing, the campaigns and the sales plans. From market research, you can plan your t-shirt sales to meet your customers' needs and learn from the mistakes of your competitors. Remember, the more detailed the plan is, the easier it will be for you to implement the plan. So in the online T-shirt business, you need to plan in detail the steps and determine the goals to achieve.

Research and Plan

3.Large screen printing machine

On the market, there are a lot of T-shirts with the same design and the price is quite reasonable and not too much difference in selling price. So when you start your online T-shirt business you need to determine that you will have to compete with a lot of competitors. One way to overcome that is to make your products unique, new and attractive to customers. So, you need to equip yourself with a fabric printing machine, a device that creates a unique look for your shirts.

Large screen printing machine

You can print different types of images, text to make a difference between your shirts and other shirts.Besides, you can print photos, text according to the requirements of customers. That will create a sense of fun for customers. Because they can print their images, text on shirts or even their own images, their loved ones. To compete in this fierce market, you should invest yourself a fabric printing machine so that you can succeed and achieve high efficiencyin this business.

Large screen printing machine

In addition, you should design your own brand identity (a logo or a name) to build the credibility and trust of customers for your store and use it to distinguish your products with other products.

Large screen printing machine

4.Your financial ability

Whether you are a business or investing in anything, you also need to know your financial capital and financial ability. Business fashion or T-shirt business also requires you to have a certain amount of capital to maintain and develop your business. You need to know how much capital and financial resources you have in order to have the right business plan. Therefore, knowing the financial situation is very important. You have to know the situation of yourself and your competitors to be able to do business effectively.

Your financial ability

5.Professional sales website

Nowadays, not only companies need to design a website to introduce a company but also a fashion business or any other product that needs a professional website. For the online T-shirt business, the website is also a booth where you can show beautiful and unique T-shirts. Therefore, the design of sales website is also the design of the store space. Therefore, you need to hire a professional, reputable and quality website design company. A professional sales website is also the highlight for you.

Professional sales website 

T-shirt business can bring good income, but to succeed is not easy. You need to have experience as well as professional sales tips. Probably the tips above will make your online T-shirt business more effective. Keep following up on my next posts for more new experiences.


Top 10 Most Popular Men's Polo Shirt Brands In The World

Men's Polo Shirt is first appearing in sports. Gradually, this T-shirt has become one of the most popular men's apparel in the world. So today I would like to introduce to you the most famous brand Men's Polo Shirt in the world.

1.Kent Wang

Kent Wang is a pretty young fashion brand founded in Austin, Texas in 2007. Kent Wang Not only designs men's polo shirts but is also famous for its tailor-made suits, jacket, shoes, socks, cuff buttons and tie. The target of Kent Wang is the stylish men. Therefore, the orientation of the design of this company is to follow the classic trend, creating the fashion products of men living forever without being influenced by the tendency of the hastily spread of the world. Polo horizontal stripes is one of the most popular products of Kent Wang.


Press was born in the early 20th century. The company was founded by Jacobi Press in 1902 at the prestigious Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Currently J.Press has products like men's vest, shorts, sportswear, and other fashion accessories. J.Press brings to customers the classic men's polo shirts with beautiful, youthful, active stripes.

3.Thom Browne

Thom Browne is a men's fashion brand based in New York. Before the founding of Thom Browne, Browne spent a great deal of time studying, working and leading creative teams at well-known brands such as Giorgio Armani and Ralph. The most popular men's polo shirt in Thom Browne's men's t-shirt collection is a white shirt with black and red knit stripes.

4.Paul Stuart

Paul Stuart was a fashion store opened in 1938 by Ralph Ostrove. Currently in addition to the main store located in New York City, the brand Paul Stuart also expanded into the Chicago and Japan. Men's polo shirt with colorful checked stripes is the best-selling model of this men's fashion brand.

5.Vineyard Vines

In the beginning, the brothers Shep and Ian Murray founded the Vineyard brand, which produced the tie in 1998 at Martha's Vinyard. Then the brand grew, and it was at this time that Vineyard Vines began to embark on the T-shirt market with men's polo shirts (have a small whale logo on the chest).

In addition, Vineyard Vines is also focused on producing other products such as belts, hats, shorts and handbags for adults and children. Until today, the brand has grown with beautiful men’s polo shirt.

6.Brooks Brothers

In 1818, the Brooks Brother fashion brand was born in New York City. And to this day, this fashion brand has evolved into America's largest chain of longest-standing stores. Brooks Brothers impresses people with innovation, breakthrough in design.

The brand made a deep impression in the clothing industry by “Ready To Wear” products in 1859. The founder of this famous fashion brand “Ralph Lauren” was a salesman here before he had opportunity to establish own brand. Brooks Brothers' designs are classic men's polo shirts with small logos on the left chest, and especially without any images on the shirt.


7.Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a familiar name of fashion believers. Hugo Boss was founded in 1924 in Germany's Metzingen. Hugo Boss is one of the longest running fashion brands in the apparel industry in Germany.

Currently, Hugo Boss owns the same fashion as Boss Black, Boss Selection, Boss Orange, Boss Green and Hugo Menswear. Men's polo shirts inspired by national flags are one of the most popular products of Hugo Boss.


Gucci is one of the top fashion brands for women. But Gucci still has a distinct product line for men, the Polo T-shirt. Founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy, Gucci impresses people with its elegant watch designs, jewelry and delicate leather handbags. Gucci's products, including men's polo shirts, all have their "monogram" logo printed on the body of the product.

9.Ralph Lauren

As one of the world's leading fashion brands, Ralph Lauren, the founder of this brand is a famous designer. He was a salesman for Brooks Brothers, and he stopped his work to focus on building his own fashion brand.

He started by designing the tie in 1966. Later, he received financial support from Lauren and this was a milestone in his fashion career. He developed his Polo fashion brand after being re-franchised by former company “Brooks Brothers”.

Men's polo shirt is the main product of the company with the logo “a sportsman playing Polo” printed in the left chest.


Among the brands mentioned above, Lacoste is the most famous brand, because this is the brand that created the Polo shirt, the standard of the T-shirt for men.

The founders of this brand were Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier in the 1933. Lacoste had the "brand identity" as the green crocodile on the left chest. This logo was formed from the strength of Lacoste himself on the field when he was a tennis player, and people nicknamed him "crocodile". This was also his inspiration to found the Lacoste brand.


Men’s polo shirts can be said to be one of the favorite outfits of the men, because of its comfort and usability. In addition, it also highlight the masculine, youthful and active of men. I hope this post will be useful if you guys want to buy yourself a brand new T-shirt.